Hospitality is deeply ingrained in the Saudi culture. As the national ground-handling service provider, SGS considers interactions between passengers and staff to be very important. We always remember that we never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Meeting the passengers’ needs before or after a flight drives what we do. We are proud to deliver to world-class services to over 88 million travelers a year.

Our Services Include

  • Station management.
  • Gate service.
  • Assisting passengers with reduced mobility.
  • VIP services.
  • Deportee handling.
  • Additional security services.
  • Flight operations.
  • Arrival and transfer services.
  • Check-in services.
  • Passenger manifests and seat allocation.
  • Excess baggage services.
  • Boarding pass and baggage tagging.
  • Dedicated passenger services.
  • Load control.
  • Crew handling.

Check in Passenger Service

Boarding Pass & Baggage Tagging

Load Planning & Pre-Flight Editing

Passenger Manifests & Seat Allocation

All Services