Airlines require rapid and precise turnaround times to meet their schedules and maximize the economic viability of their operations.

To maintain the aircraft in a safe and airworthy condition, the mechanical sophistication of aircraft systems demands highly trained and experienced teams of specialist personnel and equipment.

By owning the right manpower and facilities, SGS maintains the highest standards of operation to complete the numerous overlapping service processes on time, and to fit these required standards to the schedules of our airline customers.

Our Services Include

  • Aircraft Turnaround Coordination
  • Ground to Cock-Pit Headset Service
  • Marshaling the Aircraft on Ground at Arrival and Departure
  • Aircraft Loading Supervision (ie. Loading & Unloading of Cargo, Mail, and Passengers’ Baggage)
  • Ground Power Unit (GPU)
  • Push-Back
  • Unit Load Device Control (ULD)
  • Air Conditioning Unit (ACU)
  • Air Starter Unit (ASU)
  • Aircraft Towing
  • Wing-Walkers

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