Strategic Partnership to Provide Ground-Handling Services to Sky Prime Customers in Airports across the Kingdom

Saudi Ground Services Company (SGS), the national ground services company in Saudi Arabia, operating in 28 airports across the country, have signed an agreement with Sky Prime Aviation Services Company, based in Riyadh.

As a leader in the private aviation industry, Sky Prime is committed to provide its clients with a travel experience that exceeds expectations, thus partnering with SGS, which in turn is bringing in its extensive experience in the field. SGS will be responsible for providing ground handling services for Sky Prime customers, that including passenger services, ramp handling, baggage handling, loading and unloading, and fleet cleaning, among others.

On the account of sharing the same goals when it comes to meeting the relevant safety and operational requirements, both companies will work closely to provide training programs for the staff assigned to handle Sky Prime duties.

This agreement will be fixed for an initial period of three years, where SGS will be handling Sky Prime customers at all KSA airports.


SGS agreement with the Oxford Saudi Aviation Academy

Ground Services Company signs a training and employment agreement with the Oxford Saudi Aviation Academy

On Tuesday, January 5, 2021, the Saudi Ground Services Company signed a training and employment agreement with the Oxford Saudi Aviation Academy. This agreement requires the academy to prepare and provide professional training programs, qualifying and specialized, in the field of airport ground services, according to the requirements and needs of the Saudi Company for Ground Services, as well as the provision of simulation devices in technical specialties, in accordance with the company’s needs, in terms of the number of devices, their locations, and specialties Associated artistry.This agreement includes providing employment and cooperative training opportunities for students of the specialized programs studying at the Oxford Saudi Aviation Academy, according to the requirements and capabilities of the Saudi Ground Services Company. It also aims to attract distinguished male and female students, graduates of the educational and training programs offered by the Academy, for employment with the company, according to the operational need and terms and standards of employment in the company.

In a statement on the occasion of the signing of this agreement, the CEO of the Saudi Ground Services Company, Captain Fahd bin Hamza Sanadi, confirmed that the signing of this agreement comes from the company’s continuous endeavor to develop, train and qualify national competencies in the services needed by the aviation sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As well as from the principle of activating aspects of cooperation between the company and specialized training and educational institutions in the field. Stressing that the signing of this agreement stems from the company’s keenness to align its strategy and plans with the vision of “the Kingdom 2030”, and with the main objectives of the General Authority for Civil Aviation, aimed at empowering Saudi competencies, enhancing Saudization efforts in the aviation sector, and achieving excellence in performance by providing its services at the highest level. Standards.

On his part, Captain Larry Wade, CEO of the Oxford Saudi Aviation Academy, indicated that the Academy looks forward to building and strengthening this partnership, which will create job opportunities for students and graduates of the Academy, in addition to providing advanced practical training for the employees of the Saudi Ground Services Company, using advanced simulators and classes. Recent studies, indicating that the agreement will provide opportunities for the rising generation of young men and women, working in the field of ground services, or those going to work in it, to receive sufficient knowledge and knowledge in the field of aviation services, and to prepare them for their professional roles in the sector after completing their training, stressing that the Academy is preparing this agreement A special event that you are proud to be a part of.

It is worth noting that the Saudi Ground Services Company seeks, through this agreement, to benefit from the distinguished scientific and applied expertise of the Academy to support the efforts it exerts in providing its services, according to the highest international standards, to more than 100 million passengers, on board about 700 thousand flights, on All year round, in all 28 airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.