Cooperation between the Saudi Ground Services Company and “Monshaat” in the field of aviation services

The Saudi Ground Services Company has signed a cooperation agreement with the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises (Monsha’at) to work on developing and allowing facilities to enter the field of aviation services and ground handling in a way that serves the aviation sector in general.

Under the agreement, Monsha’at will nominate qualified entrepreneurs according to the approved mechanisms, provide solutions to business challenges, and assist entrepreneurs by providing advice and guidance in all stages of developing their projects, while Saudi Ground Services will provide experts and knowledge resources for ground handling operations in all its fields. The current and future ones are entrusted with the tasks of directing and supporting the owners of emerging projects, and assisting in facilitating the entry of enterprises into the field of work by incubating projects under the umbrella of business development in the company, in addition to providing an appropriate work environment through the innovation center that will be established through this cooperation, while providing support What is required inside the center.

The CEO of the Saudi Ground Services Company, Raed Al-Idrisi, explained that the agreement includes initiatives that enable the development of the aviation sector and ground handling services, in addition to providing material and practical support and the necessary expertise from both parties to enable companies to implement their solutions on the ground.

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