Saudi Ground Services Company (SGS), the national ground services company in Saudi Arabia, operating in 28 airports across the country, have signed an agreement with Sky Prime Aviation Services Company, based in Riyadh.

As a leader in the private aviation industry, Sky Prime is committed to provide its clients with a travel experience that exceeds expectations, thus partnering with SGS, which in turn is bringing in its extensive experience in the field. SGS will be responsible for providing ground handling services for Sky Prime customers, that including passenger services, ramp handling, baggage handling, loading and unloading, and fleet cleaning, among others.

On the account of sharing the same goals when it comes to meeting the relevant safety and operational requirements, both companies will work closely to provide training programs for the staff assigned to handle Sky Prime duties.

This agreement will be fixed for an initial period of three years, where SGS will be handling Sky Prime customers at all KSA airports.


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